What is Rivyn?2017-01-19T20:17:49+00:00

What is Rivyn?

Rivyn is a think-tank, centered around integrating imagination and creativity into society. We also promote futurist ideology and constantly seek out paths to create a better future for mankind.

Our core issues are:

  • Promoting imagination and creativity to all generations and encouraging as many creators to arise as possible.
  • We focus on creating a community of like-minded thinkers, providing and building support for all creations.
  • Establishing an environment that challenges users and pushes them to reach their maximum human efficiency.
Do you know what the 'im' in impossible stands for?


How can you help?

Join Rivyn. Create, participate, think, imagine. Any talent you have and would like to put to use, we would be glad to have it. Writing, drawing, designing, coding are some obvious examples, but in reality and with a little imagination, I think we can find a spot for just about everything.


Is Rivyn related to Riven or Myst in any way? I see the Moiety dagger is used in your logo.2016-12-07T00:43:05+00:00

Rivyn has no affiliation with any members of the Riven or Myst teams. Nor does it have any with Cyan Inc. However, Rivyn is influenced by the games and the name indeed was drawn as a mixture of them. To us, Riven and Myst represent an imagined world come to life. They pushed the boundaries of their time, experimented with wild ideas and design. And it worked. People loved it. We want to push the boundaries of the modern age by imagining the future and creating a stable path to attain it.