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In the Olden Days

A different person is interviewed every episode and asked to recollect memories or stories they have of their past. The format varies and each episode is told in its own unique way. This series is meant to preserve some of the interesting stories and lives of those who would not typically find themselves behind a microphone. Sit back, relax, and listen to what life was like in the olden days.

Episode 1: William L Munns

Bill Munns recalls some of his childhood memories from Missouri and describes a bit of what life was like growing up back then.

Episode 2: Myrtle Munns

Myrtle Munns remembers some fun and significant moments when growing up in a different time.

Episode 3: Dan Flory

Dan Flory, world-traveler and expert woodworker, tells of early life in Minneapolis and shares some of his wisdom and attitudes towards life.

Episode 6: Hilma Jacobson

Hilma Jacobson, who lives on a farm in western Wisconsin, shares memories of family, the farm, and tough times.