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The Expedition

Success! Your cousin has relocated to the city. That wasn’t the real success though, the real success was convincing the mayor to payout the 5,000 credits earlier than the one year period. Now you have enough to go on the expedition to the Outlands, and in the nick of time too. If you had to spend any more time with that pestering cousin of yours, you’d go bonkers. You hired a robot butler from Tommel’s General to take care of the Imaginarium while you are away.

You persuaded two fellow adventurers to come with on the expedition. They will follow your lead. This trek must be made on foot and the path must be blazed, for few have ever ventured out so far. Those who have returned brought with them rumors of ginormous statues, luminescent snakes that light up the valley at nights, roving Molwin-bots, who search the desert without end. They have talked of an eerie green fog, the cave of all caves, a mountainside of bones, a staircase descending into the depths of the unknown, and finally, they all tell of a mammoth ship, stranded in the harsh dry desert.

Those who have stood next to the ship have told that the sides went so high that they could not see the ends. The heavy, thick metal anchor chain ascends into the white, foggy abyss, seemingly attached to nothing. None have climbed it. None had enough water to attempt it.

You are going to investigate what is truly out there and are bringing a journal with you. Maybe when you get back you can draw from it and write a book or short story for the peoples of the city to enjoy someday. For now though, you intend on keeping a very descriptive journal and decide that you might spruce some parts of the journey up if need be. For the readers, you know.


You can submit your expedition in one of two styles.

  1. Journal Entry
  2. Short Story
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