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The City

If you have not already completed part I and II, please do so here:

You live in a remote area, away from other people, but you are not too far from the local city. It’s not a bad city either. It is certainly remarkable in its construction and the ingenious method of intertwining the residences together in such a coherent flow.

The city uses a mixture of transportational methods. One of those methods is rail travel. There are no roads in the city, so buildings are not split up and free-standing as typically results in a city with roads. You also notice that none of the buildings have 90° angles and do not look as boring as those found on the earthly plane.

The city is built around one enormous geographical feature.

There are also many resting areas, where citizens can relax, take in the view, play games and socialize.

Your lame cousin back on Earth was impressed by your description of sunrises and sunsets. He is even more interested in relocating permanently to the plane. Unlike you however, he needs to live in the city. Socialization is his life, it gives him meaning. He is skeptical of the city life there. He wants a full detailed description and opinion of the city, including all its inner workings and intricacies. You don’t really like your cousin, and you hope that after this article he will stop bothering you. You briefly think about falsifying the letter to dissuade your cousin. However, the mayor of the city offered you 5,000 credits for any referrals who come from Earth and settle there for more than one year. Get cracking. 5,000 credits is enough to organize that expedition to the Outlands that has been your lifelong dream.


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