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The Outer Grounds

This is part 2 of the imagination game. If you completed part 1, you should do so here:

In this part, you are an orb, floating in the air around the Imaginarium, which is the house/complex you constructed in part 1. Now you inspect it from the outside and from a distance and must craft the yard and surroundings.

Part II focuses on solving puzzles. Use the rules as framework, try to solve the puzzles. First, we present you with the rules, then move onto the puzzles. It’s recommended to read through them all the puzzles before you begin, as one might affect another.

  • There must be a consistent source of movement in the yard. A stream is a simple example, but you are not limited to using water. Many other things move.

  • You cannot have roads. They do not exist in this plane. Neither do automobiles. Railcars and boats do however, but without gas engines.

Puzzle 1: The Terrain

The Imaginarium you built is located on a topographical junction, meaning there are three different unique landscape features there. It is truly an interesting place and is even listed on the local mapbook as a sight to see.

The nearby city newspaper has requested that you write down your observations, descriptions and feelings about the terrain you live on. The elderly in the city have long wanted to read about this mysterious place and imagine themselves walking through it. Help those physically unable to make the journey experience it through the power of their mind.

Puzzle 2: Power

The Imaginarium need to be powered. You are way too far from the city and any grid. This plane has no fossil fuels. You must find an innovative way to power the house using the terrain around you.

Remember the rule about having a source of movement on the land.

You ventured off the earthly plane long ago and into one of the countless others in existence. Every plane is its own unique sort of world.

Puzzle 3: Sky

It is well known throughout the planes that Earth possesses the rare, blue skyline. Now is probably as pertinent time as any to remind you that you are not on earth. At least not the earth you know. You do not have blue skies. One of your cousins, who is still trapped on the earthly plane has sent you a message. He is looking to relocate to a new plane, but sunsets and sunrises are very important to him. He wants you to describe the color of the sky, the sun and moons (if there are any), and how they affect the sunsets and sunrises.

Puzzle 4: Transportation

The nearest city is pretty far away, luckily the planet has a unique transportation grid. You must assess the situation of your terrain, and tell the City what your mode of transportation will be and why. 

Also of note, The City provides free train tracks to all citizens outside the limits, which you are.

Puzzle 5: Fauna

The National Survey Of Wildlife has contacted you, curious about the wildlife in your area. They ask you to send in a brief summary or sketches of the critters that roam about your lands. You have seen at least three.


Same drill as in part I. Fill out the form below and send us what you came up with. You can separate out the different puzzle by spacing, hyphens, or however you like.

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