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The Imaginarium

In order to develop, grow and strengthen your imagination you must exercise it. This challenge has been designed to throw you right into that world. At Rivyn, we believe in trial by fire and rapid adaptation. These exercises are designed to be fun and provide mental stimulation. Work on them when you are in the right mood and never force it. There’s no rush.

The Task

Your task is to build a house. Not just just any old house though. This is your imaginary house, a place that will serve as a base for your imagination. And most importantly, it is yours.

But first, here are the rules to the challenge. In exercise 1 you are only focusing on the house itself. The yard and area outside the house will be covered in exercise 2.

  • There can be no 90° angles. Break with standard conventions.

  • Only one bed can sit on the floor

  • House must use at least two unique lighting systems

  • Must use at least two of the following:

    • Bridge
    • Tunnel
    • Observatory
    • Spire
    • Cranked or counter-weighted elevator
  • There must be four secrets in the house

  • All doors must open in a different, unique method

  • Create a laboratory for yourself. It should be comfortable and your main, imagining room. It will be the place you spend most your time, so put some detail into it.

  • You must have a room with a monument in it. The monument can be religious, spiritual or philosophical. Something important and central to who you are.

The Catch

Each and every room must have a different theme. This is the tricky and fun part. What do we mean by theme? A theme can be a different time period, culture, or based on a favorite fictional work or universe.

  • Egyptian
  • Steampunk
  • Modern
  • Prehistoric
  • Roman Era
  • Victorian
  • Futuristic/Sci-fi
  • Otherworldly
  • Culture Based
    • British, African, Native American, Japanese, Etc…
  • Nature Based
    • Creeks, grass, trees, boulders
    • Volcano’s, deserts, ice, logs cabin style, etc…

You may have as many rooms as you like. Physics need not apply. There must be a purpose for each room though. You should have a reason why you would visit it often.

Take some time on this. Do not rush. Have some fun. Build underground, aboveground, sideground, in spirals, spheres, waves. Unleash your imagination. Use the rules as a guide to challenge it. Get some paper and sketch some ideas. Where does each room go, how does this secret work, what are the themes of each, who will enjoy being in this room or that, what music plays in this one, what smells are in that one?


Write down your thoughts somewhere on the cloud (e.g. Google Drive), where they can be safe and saved. If you would like to share your creation, feel free to submit it to us using our form, where we will share it by the name you put in the form.

Congratulations, you have given your imagination a workout. Please proceed to exercise 2 when you are ready for more. Be prepared to enter a fascinating world. A world with only one limitation.

Oh wait, there’s one final, important task left.

Name your house, compound, or complex.


You can paste your work into the form below or if you have additional materials, such as sketches or drawings you may send them to:

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