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Fieronymus VII: Journey to the Kalgon Dur

Fieronymus VII is Rivyn’s first original production to be released. You can listen to it for free from Soundcloud, Youtube, and the Google Play store. Everywhere else, like iTunes and Amazon, you will have to pay. We tried to release the album for free, but alas, it seems that in order to distribute your music in the modern day, you must charge something for it. We recommend you give it a listen to for free first, see if you like it.┬áThe links below will bring you to the album in the player of your choice:

A Note From The Creator

This project was created to experiment with an idea and push the boundaries of spoken-word entertainment. It weaves in dialogue with different styles of music and many unique instruments. It was an extremely fun project to make, and I hope that you will find it just as fun to listen to as I did making it. May Fieronymus VII take your imagination along for a wild ride and into the depths of the unknown.


Minor Norse warlord, Vermundr, is plucked out of the earthly realm by fatebender, Fieronymus Rex, to embark on a dangerous voyage through the planes.